Rico Caveglia's
Be Bold Never Be Old Wellness Club
Looking and feeling great with high energy for life is our mission
“Rico has changed the way I view aging, fitness and has miraculously transformed me and my mom to the healthiest shape we have ever been in our entire lives. I am a cosmetic dermatologist and I believe that the way you look on the outside truly affects how you feel on the inside. I help create physical transformations in my clinic everyday and I know how it can change people’s lives. With the help of technology that is available today, I look much younger for my age but with a busy practice, two young children, I just could not find the time to get to the gym to get healthy and young on the inside! Then I met Rico – who is one of the most fit guys I have seen for his age.

Rico comes to our home and gets me, my mom, my husband, my sister in law and even my mom’s brother all excited about being fit for every day life. My mom who is now 60 years old has never done any routine physical exercise in her life and was a skeptic at first but now, she is in shape, and feeling so great and taking great care of herself, feeling confident and looks forward to the days when Rico comes over to work out with us!

Rico’s philosophy of “functional fitness” is a great lesson that I will take with me for the rest of my life. My husband and I are truly inspired by Rico. We can only hope to be as agile, strong and fit as he is when we get to be his age. He’s the best and I recommend him to my family and closest friends!”
Tess Mauricio, M.D. Board Certified Dermatologist
“Your workshop and training sessions have been very instrumental in motivating my employees to improve their health and fitness habits which has resulted in measurable improvement in their work performances. I would highly recommend your workshops and books to anybody wishing to do a favor for their employees and for their business at the same time.”
Ross Lyndon James, CEO Fitness Age Inc.
“The members of our club were impressed with Rico’s energy and vi-tality. He shared a lot of good information on how to make small changes in our lives to start seeing big results. His Be Bold Never Be Old talk was inspirational and timely, especially in this first month of the year when we all need to see a great example of what is possible when you follow his proven strategies!”
Holly Malan, President, Rotary Club of San Marcos
“I strongly recommend Rico’s Energy Seminar to other companies in San Diego. Rico shared easy tips to create and sustain personal en-ergy in order to lead a more productive and positive life. As part of our wellness initiative, we want our employees to lead a healthier lifestyle and to achieve balance and more energy. The strength of Rico’s techniques was apparent immediately and we received great feed-back from our employees about his seminar. We look forward to more sessions with Rico!”
Shannon Collins, Benefits Manager, Helix Electric
“If you are interested in an effective, low cost way to energize your workplace and improve productivity you need Rico Caveglia! I recent-ly had Rico Caveglia present his Energize Your Workplace Semi-nar to my 50 person workforce. Comments were uniformly very posi-tive, without exception my associates felt that the seminar presented a great opportunity to improve productivity with little financial or time commitment. In addition the exercises are fun not drudgery.

I highly recommend that you call Rico today!”
Doug Sawyer, President & CEO, United Way of San Diego County
I really want to thank you for your recent visit to meet with me and my team of advisors to share ideas on how to increase energy and focus in the office. Your presentation was spot on and very informative. The interactive nature of your presentation got everyone involved and I have received a ton of positive feedback from everyone in the office!

Thanks again for helping us stay younger and more focused as we come into the new year! I would recommend your program to any company who is focused on growth and cares about the well-being of their people.
Todd J. Clarke, Agency Sales Director
Rico Caveglia gave his All Day Energy The Natural Way presentation to our group and it was fantastic. We learned allot about how we de-plete our energy and what it takes to create lots of energy. Rico showed us his daily 4 minute energy routine and everyone really enjoyed it and felt the immediate benefit. Rico is a very pas-sionate and energetic speaker with an abundance of practical knowledge. I highly recommend his presentations to anyone wanting to learn how to become healthier and more energetic.
Cliff Durfee, President Seaside Business Referral Club
Rico’s message is to get off your butt and do something and he in-cludes the how-to. His knowledge and passion for Ageless Living make his presentations life-changing.
Peter McLaughlin, author – CATCH FIRE
Thanks, Rico, for two absolutely great wellness seminars at our Holi-stic Weekend.
Rico Caveglia’s dedication and enthusiasm are contagious. He makes you want to get fit and he makes it easy.
Rico, your timely presentations have helped make our health fairs a wonderful success! Please come back soon.
“Rico’s Ageless Living Lifestyle will help many people achieve a vitality that makes life worth living.”
Larry Dossey, MD Mind and Body Medicine Pioneer,